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Presenting The PLEDGE™

A practical and scalable answer to Food Waste. It helps restaurants drastically reduce Food Waste, cut on cost, boost their image, and foster collaboration with complimentary food waste solution providers.

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4 Levels of Certification

Our BONUS Criteria will guide you to a deeper commitment to food waste prevention and reach higher levels of The PLEDGE™ Certification.

  • What is The PLEDGE™?
    A 3rd-party audited, benchmarking certification aligned with the UN SDGs Guides chefs towards zero food waste, cutting costs, and enhancing sustainability The certification process revolves around 7 key pillars. The ultimate goal is to guide food operations towards achieving zero food waste sent to landfills. Typically, from initiation to final audit, the certification process lasts between 4 to 6 months.
  • Why should our hotel consider joining The PLEDGE™?
    The PLEDGE™ helps your hotel go beyond and get your efforts in reducing food waste formally recognized. Aligns with Hyatt’s Corporate Sustainable Goals. Achieving The PLEDGE™ certification instills a sense of pride and achievement in your team, boosting morale, and fostering a purpose-driven work environment.
  • Is The PLEDGE™ open to all restaurants under Hyatt properties, regardless of their location or size?
    • Yes, it welcomes all Hyatt properties, regardless of geographic location or size. • Designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by a diverse range of properties, from boutique hotels to sprawling resorts.
  • What is the cost and discount?
    The standard cost is $1,020, but with a 20% discount, it's reduced to $816. Audit Cost: This includes third-party audit fees, registration fees, and 24/7 access to the platform. Upon certification, you receive a welcome kit that also serves as a marketing tool. The 20% discount is applied on your initial cost.
  • Are there Financial Benefits for participating Hyatt hotels?
    • By engaging with The PLEDGE™, your property can unlock substantial cost savings. Financial advantages that go beyond food waste prevention. Differentiation from competitors in the hospitality industry. Formal recognition, boosting credibility in sustainability efforts. • This encompasses reductions in procurement expenses, lowered waste disposal costs, and the optimization of kitchen operations to name a few.
  • Does being Certified enhance our property's reputation?
    • Enhances your reputation as a sustainable culinary leader, attracting eco-conscious guests and leading to positive reviews and repeat business
  • Does The PLEDGE™ complement our Adopted Monitoring System?
    • The PLEDGE™ goes beyond monitoring, it provides a comprehensive approach to food waste reduction, benefiting both chefs and property. • By combining your adopted monitoring system with The PLEDGE™, chefs can optimize kitchen operations, engage their team, and elevate their culinary reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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