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Here we address common questions and concerns that your establishments and/or properties may have about joining The PLEDGE™.  

01 What is The PLEDGE™?

The PLEDGE™ is an internationally recognized certification program designed to revolutionize food waste management and sustainability practices within the hospitality sector. It offers a comprehensive framework for hotels, including Hyatt properties, to systematically measure, manage, and substantially reduce food waste while promoting responsible, environmentally-friendly practices. 

02 Why should our Hyatt property consider joining The PLEDGE™?

Joining The PLEDGE™ presents a multitude of compelling reasons. Beyond the social and environmental responsibilities, your property stands to benefit significantly. It's an opportunity to realize substantial cost savings through the reduction of food waste, positively impact the environment by conserving precious resources, and, not least, bolster your reputation as a sustainability-driven establishment, which resonates positively with conscious consumers. 

03 Is The PLEDGE™ open to all Hyatt properties, regardless of location or size?

Absolutely. The PLEDGE™ is an inclusive initiative, welcoming all Hyatt properties, regardless of their geographic location or size. It is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by a diverse range of properties, from boutique hotels to sprawling resorts. 

04 What are the environmental benefits of joining The PLEDGE™?

The environmental advantages of participating in The PLEDGE™ are noteworthy. By joining, your property actively contributes to the reduction of food waste, resulting in a cascade of positive outcomes. These include conserving valuable resources, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions tied to food waste, and reducing the overall environmental footprint associated with food production and disposal. 

05 Are there financial benefits for participating properties? 

Indeed, financial benefits are a significant motivator. By engaging with The PLEDGE™, your property can unlock substantial cost savings. This encompasses reductions in procurement expenses, lowered waste disposal costs, and the optimization of kitchen operations. These financial efficiencies go hand in hand with sustainability. 

06 How does certification under The PLEDGE™ enhance our property's reputation? 

Certification under The PLEDGE™ acts as a beacon for conscious consumers seeking sustainable accommodation. It signals your property's unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible practices. This enhanced reputation can attract a growing segment of eco-conscious travelers who actively seek out environmentally-friendly options. 

07 Is The PLEDGE™ certification recognized in the hospitality industry? 

Absolutely. The PLEDGE™ certification enjoys recognition within the hospitality industry as a pioneering effort in the fight against food waste. It aligns with global sustainability initiatives and demonstrates your property's dedication to making a positive difference. 

08 Why should we consider obtaining The PLEDGE™ certification if we are already utilizing the FIT (Food Waste Tech) system? 

While FIT (Food Waste Tech) is an invaluable tool for monitoring food waste, The PLEDGE™ certification offers a holistic approach that goes beyond measurement. It provides a structured framework to systematically reduce food waste, ensuring that the data generated by FIT is leveraged to its fullest potential. This combination enhances your property's commitment to sustainability, potentially leading to even greater savings and environmental impact. 

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